Why is Bey a Baddie?


18753 “likes” on an Instagram picture that looks like my seven year old niece Morgan took a perfectly sharpened colored pencil and drew one line down an all-white sheet of printer paper. The poster? Who else? Miss Baddie herself, Beyoncé.  I don’t get it.  This woman can post a picture of her toenail clippings and 18,000+ people will go wild.  I just don’t get it. What is the fascination with Jigga’s baby momma? What is so special about her that makes her separate from the rest?

I can remember Destiny’s Child being so popular. I could not stand looking at Beyoncé’s face. I had nothing against her personally, still don’t. I could just see the plan to “rule the world” from the beginning.  I am not hating but I just don’t see how others can look up to or idolize someone so much.

Ok so Bey is bad in ways but in others she's bad.  I guess what amazes me most is this is who our little and not so little girls are looking up to.  Aren't there other women who have made significant impacts and impressions on our youth and adults alike? Or have we no one to honor and for their work in our communities and nations? Maybe it's that the focus of our young women is no longer on women and men who established mentoring groups, received awards for their prestigious research, on those who have volunteered with our community organizations to make our "world a better place". 

When did it change? Why is it all about how glamorous a person is now? Or how tightly clad a woman can pose on the cover of a magazine?  I saw an FB post of the Beyoncé cover of GQ magazine. The caption was “my inspiration”. Inspiration to do what exactly?

Again, let me state that I am NOT hating. I am just trying to figure out what the big deal is with her and others and why are they idolized so much.  So Beyoncé is your inspiration? What is she inspiring you to do? Rule the world? How?  Honestly, her business savvy team rules the world. They make her up; they close the deals with Pepsi, and manage her.   Is she inspiring young ladies to conquer their fears, to go after their dreams, to teach and help others? I don't really get that vibe from her.  If I were an aspiring singer, then maybe she would be someone I would consider looking up to, other than that, she's no role model. 

I think this generation has become blinded by, the glitz, glam and fashion of those that are placed in front of us by the media. We have lost sight of the real world changers that we opt out of recognizing. There are plenty of noteworthy women who are not Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian.  There are women who stand for things publicly, women who are dedicated to using their craft for the betterment of others.  There are women out there who don’t have the fame or fortune but are still doing great things in their communities. Let us not forget about those women.

My fear is that young girls all over the world will want to become the best Bey, Nikki or Kim. This is fine if they want to be entertainers. What about the little lawyers, doctors, groundbreaking actresses, authors, honest politicians, judges, and evangelists? We will need them too but there will be no one for them to look up to if we are more focused on “what would Beyoncé do?” as opposed to what we should be doing.

It’s fine to look at people, admire them for their talents and their sense of fashion. Idolizing a person is completely different.  Once you idolize a person they will have influence in your life rather you are aware or not. Be careful who you idolize and why you idolize them. You can very well become a “mini” them. Does the world really need a bunch of baby Beyonce’s? LOL!