I love Willow!

Contrary to what all the naysayers think, Willow is dope!
Since she stepped into the public eye, people have gone nuts.  Most have taken the "her parent's should not have..." stance. Newsflash! Her last name is Smith, so you don't get a say in her upbringing. Others have called her weird. What 12 year old do you know that is "normal"? And what is normal anyway? 

I don't understand how this world can be so cruel and mean, especially to kids. What makes folks think it's alright to publicly voice their mean and negative comments/opinions about Willow or any other preteen? Seriously, grow up! 
Willow Smith on W Magazine
I, on the other hand absolutely adore Willow Smith. She's a beautiful growing young girl. As she is growing and learning more about herself, it seems like she has the right attitude about life. She doesn't seem to give a flying hoot about what others are saying about her. I love that!  Willow has endeavored to be herself  and what is more empowering than that? 

I came across this vid (below) which was the cause of this mini rant. She has a beautiful voice to me. I can't wait to watch how it develops!  

Keep being YOURSELF Willow!