30 in 30: Day 6

I skipped a day... I know! I wasn't feeling too well yesterday. But I am back! 

One question I kinda hate to answer around birthday time is "what do you want for your birthday?" I hate answering that beucase I feel like the things I want are things I probably should not ask for, but then again, closed mouths don't get fed. The other reason why I don't like asking that question is because most people pobably really don't care. Well in case you do, here is a list, in no particular order, of things I want for my birthday.

1. Rent
2. A day with my little sister
3. donations towards simplyMe*
4. polka dot Chuck Taylors
polka dot polka dot!

                                                       5. ChiChiMe Acessrories 
6. A trip to the beach. No phone, laptop, nothing but peace, quiet and the water
7.These sneakers
8. A car wash
9. A trip to the Chi to see my fam
10. To meet folk on my dad's side of the family
11. A day with just me and the bros
12. A new journal
13. A Macbook
14. The new iphone
15. Car insurance to be paid*
16. To meet Robin Roberts
17. Leopard print skates
18. A skate party to go with my new skates
19. My mom's home cooking; pot roast, potatoes, greens, peach cobbler and sweet tea
20. Romatic date with BTFL. NO interruptions... me, bTFL and L-O-V-E!
21. A new tattoo
23. A striped maxi dress

24. A day at the spa-THE WORKS
25. To attend a concert
26. My dad to actually remember my birthday
27. A nice, thick, Vanilla shake
28. A cute cake
even if i don't play keys
29. Brave on DVD
30. Rest