30 in 30: Day 4!

Dear Joey,

Is it possible to miss someone you barely even know? I don't know. Regardless, I do. I think about you a lot. Where is he? How is he doing? Does he think about me?

Of the 3 my older brothers I'm not sure why I feel like you and I have a special connection. I remember writing back and forth for months. I was elated to go to my mailbox and see a letter from you. It was great reading words of encouragement,affirmation and even protection from you. It made me feel so loved.

The memories of a younger us are few and vague but the pictures of us help keep them alive. I think I get it now. I wanted us to be way closer than what we are. Circumstances have distanced us. I know it is nothing personal. I can only hope and pray that one day we will reunite and catch up.

You will always have a little sister here in Minah.

I pray all is well wherever you are. I love you.

Your sis