30 in 30: Day 20

For the past few days I have been kind of blah. I am not sure if it's the whole I am turning 30 soon or that I am trying not to despise my own small beginnings. Nonetheless the emotion can be described as blah, eh, or bleh . Most people do a good job at looking like everything is fine and that is OK, as long as they are not deceiving themselves, I guess. I am the type of person that has a hard time faking. I have an extremely hard time faking anything. Rather it's pretending to like someone, faking like there isn't an elephant in the room or even pretending not to like someone, I am not good at faking. Over the years,  I've learned that that particular characteristic  can be a blessing and may be a curse at times. How I think impacts how I feel and I can't fake that either.  A while back I grasp a profound concept, emotions are here to serve me, not harm me. The last few days, I've had to remind myself to allow how I think change the way I feel.  If I wanted to feel good, think... good!

Sure, life happens. Things don't often go how we want or expect them to go. It's in the middle of those things where we have to make a decision on how we are to approach them mentally. We can focus on all the negatives. We can ponder on all the what ifs or we can allow ourselves to approach life with a positive mindset. Easier said than done? Absolutely! Is it worth the push? Yes!

It came to me! I had been feeling eh because my thoughts we eh! Over and over I focused my thoughts on what I didn't have, what I could not do and what was becoming hard to do. I allowed my thoughts to take over and it overflowed into my feelings. No bueno! 

Some of the most simple things are the hardest ones to do or grasp. The word no is only two letters, yet it is such a potent word and learning to say is hard to pill to swallow. Changing how you think to change the way you feel should be really simple, but it is so hard to do, or is it? What is so hard about waking up choosing to think in a way that will make you go about your day feeling great regardless of the circumstances, that for the most part you can't do much about?

My muse, Robin Roberts has inspired me and has taught me to think the way I want to feel. In the midst of each and every trial, she has remain steadfast in her strength, her faith and her grace. What an awesome lesson and inspiration to enter 30 with

10 Days to go!!