30 in 30: Day 2!

For some odd reason I am extremely good with numbers, not math, just numbers. I still remember my phone number from when I was a kid. Dates are forever ingrained in my head. I can remember birth dates with logging on to Facebook, I remember dates of important events and occasions without having to write most of them down. It's crazy. No, I  am not weird. I am limited edition.  

I didn't know how important September 6, 2011 would be initially. It started like any other Tuesday.  It ended like any other Tuesday. I shook hands with people from all over but never did I think I would meet someone who would later become this close to me. 

On September 6th I met someone who later became someone who made me look at life from a brand new perspective. They taught me, by example, one of the truest forms of faith that I had ever seen. The type of faith that met God's promises with hard work and dedication to a destiny ordained by God. I never would have thought that after that Tuesday I would have learned some of my most revealing life lessons thus far, through who I met.

I went on about my day not knowing that on September 6th I would meet a person who would grow to become someone who would pray for me, encourage me and love me as if we had known each other for years. From day one I could talk to this person about anything, knowing the response wouldn't always be what I wanted to hear but would always be what I needed to hear.

As 29 winds down and 30 is quickly approaching I am learning to appreciate those that are there. I am also learning to take advantage of the time I have with those that are there because in a split second things can all change.  Although I was reluctant to allow this person in my life in the beginning, I am so glad I did. My life would not be the same if it had gone any other way.

Like every other day, God knew what He was doing on September 6, 2011. He always looks out for ya girl!