30 in 30: Day 1!

Today is THE day! In exactly one month I will be 30 years old (insert nervous laugh here)! To commence the countdown to the "Dirty Thirty" I have decided to write 30 blogs in the next 30 days. Yikes! More than likely most of the following posts will be random. Some will directly correlate with my birthday, others will be off the dome. I am looking forward to what's to come out all this, hopefully you, the reader, shares the same sentiment. Happy Reading!!

  1. I think way more than I say, contrary to popular belief.
  2. I am very inquisitive, not nosey. There is a difference. My father bought me a book entitled The Big Book of Tell Me Why a few years ago. If I don't know something , I am not comfortable with that most times. Google is a good friend of mine.
  3. I love HARD.
  4. I have an awesome memory. That is a good and bad thing.
  5. I could eat spaghetti and/or lasagna almost everyday of the week. The other days, I would eat tacos.
  6. My handwriting changes based on my mood.
  7. Not having cable helps me avoid "mess".
  8. I wish I had an older sister, sometimes.
  9. I am often misunderstood.
  10. I do NOT like being ignored
  11. If looks could kill I would be in prison for multiple homicides, so I have been told. I'm working on it.
  12. I watch Jeopardy every night I can and keep score. Don't you dare judge me!
  13. Sleep and me are having an affair.
  14. Although I own a dog, I am not a dog person. My heart belongs to Nola Darling. 
  15. My nurturing spirit comes off as bossy sometimes. I just want what's best for those around me.
  16. I do not do well with clingy-ness.
  17. Most times I am really not trying to be funny, it just comes out and people laugh. LOL!
  18. I have an old soul, especially when it comes to music.
  19. Honesty really is my policy.
  20. I should be used to walking alone by now.
  21. Purple is my favorite color but I wear more blue.
  22. Most times I do not mind being alone. I am not anti social. I am just selectively social. 
  23. I love to laugh and laugh out loud.
  24. I have never cared to have a HUGE circle of friends. My family is big enough.
  25. People have a hard time with my blunt, real personality.  
  26. At times I care TOO much. Is that possible?
  27. I wish I was more girly, sometimes.
  28. I have thought about becoming a hair stylist on more than one occassion.
  29. I have a STRONG desire to live on the east coast.
  30. There will always be room in my belly for a red velvet cupcake.