30 in 30: 13!

photo.JPGAny one who knows me knows I absolutely love music.  Correction: good music. Music just sends me to another place. A place where I can release all of my thoughts and indulge in melodies that my mind could not come up with on its own.  I have always been in love with music, especially music that transcends from generation to generation.

I am not your average chick. I don't listen to a lot of recent stuff unless it's real good. needless to say, I am not fully aware of all the "new" music that is out there. The radio is definitely not the first source I run to to hear music. Because I read tons of blog and visit more music spots than I probably should, I tend to gravitate to the up and coming and underrated artists. Oldies are my favorite. I love Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, The Commodores... just to name a few.

Each year I plan a HUGE birthday party in my head. I always start off with the dream concert. This year,  I have planned one of the BEST dream birthday parties ever.  The music is the best part of the party.

Here's who I'd have perform at my fantasy birthday party:

Anita Baker aka Auntie Nita

I absolutely LOVE HER! There are really no words to describe her other than genius!

Esperanza Spaulding

The Bass is my FAVORITE instrument, not because I am dating a bass player.  I have loved the upright bass since I could remember. It's always been the instrument  I hear first. If it's not right I am mad. Esperanza  is a bass player and she SINGS! A breath of fresh air!!! 

Travis Sayles

At this dream birthday party there is jazz. I was recently introduced to this man's music and now I can't get enough! I am actually listening to him on YouTube as I type. I can't really get enough. I love it!

Rudy Currence

Last year, I was blessed to have this guy call and sing happy birthday to me. Yes, I still have the voice mail. This fantasy birthday party would not be a party without Rudy. He is definitely one of my all time favorite musicians and vocalists.

As always, I encourage you to check these folk out. If you like good music like me, you will fall in love. 

One day this birthday dream will come true. Until then I will keep dreaming.

17 days to go!