The Truth Is...

I can't really tell you which side of the bed I went to sleep on... I was in the middle. I woke up in the same manner. Conflicted, wondering should I give my circumstances the time of day or should I just continue with the "I don't give a ..." attitude.  Before my feet touch this floor this morning, unlike some mornings, I placed my hand on my forehead and prayed Philippians 4:8 over myself, got up and started my day.

Contrary to what some may tell you, there are folks that still pray and worry. Sometimes that is me. Although I prayed, in the back of my mind I still thought about the things that bother me, things that are not going how I planned.  As I drove in to work, one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs played, "As".  There is the one part in the song that I just could not understand. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I don't understand something I head straight to Google. I looked up the lyrics and was wowed.  I had no idea the song was profound. It made me think, Do we really know what we listen to? It took a couple of minutes for this portion of the song to really sink in.

The truth is...

  • I work at a job where I have more month than I have money, where they micro manage the heck out of you, where there is no way to advance 
  • I work extremely hard at what I do but I am still just one check away from....
  • There are tons of other stuff I'd rather do and other places I'd rather be
  • My bank account hasn't looked the way I wanted it to in months
  • I hate the valley and I want to move, NOW
  • I may not get to celebrate my 30th birthday the way I want to, with a BANG

The truth is, I can on and on and on. The words to this song reminds me that although things are not going how I planned them, while things seem like they aren't getting better but worse and even though it seems like I have more to be unhappy about, God knew exactly where He wanted me to be placed.  I have got to remind myself that while I am in it (the world), I am not of it. These circumstances are not of me. They are there but they shouldn't consume me, like any other matter of the "world" shouldn't.  My thoughts impact my "here on earth" experience. I have the ability to make it hell? Yes,  I have the ability to make it hell.  The lyrics brought me back to my prayer this morning and now I am thinking on those things. They will be my truth!