Simply Redeemed

This past weekend I planned to do one thing, go one place but apparently God had another. Of course, His took precedence. Reluctantly I went on with his plan and delivered a message to someone I would have been least likely to be seen speaking with. That's how I know it was God.

I heard Him speak so clearly. He relied on me to speak his word to his beloved. I opened my mouth and said "you are already free! You have been free. Operate in it! The word of God says 'let the redeemed of the Lord say so'. No matter what this (your head) or this (your heart) says or feels like, you are free! Walk in the freedom, everyday! Commit to it!"

As tears streamed down her face, my inner shout started to stir. I just preached myself a sermon. It's funny how God gives you words to encourage someone else and you end up encouraging yourself.

What I have learned is that we are often comfortable in our bondage. Many times God has set us free months ago yet we choose to remain in bondage. Why? Because it's familiar. Bondage may not feel good but it feels better than the unknown, so we think. We know bondage. We know how it feels. We know what to do and say while in bondage. If we sit in in long enough, it becomes familiar.

If we have been redeemed, why are we not committing to operate in that redemption? Is it because we don't know what do, what to say, how it feels? Do we sit around allowing our emotions to tell us we aren't free even though we know we are?

The challenge for me is to push past what I feel everyday. Sometimes I don't feel free, but does that mean I am not? No! Some days I wake up and my circumstances try to convince me I am still in bondage. I have to remember and remind myself that I have been purchased out of my captivity, I am free from any distress. I too must commit to my redemption.
It takes work to remain free. You don't just become free and boom that's it. It requires a daily effort. You must stay connected to one that set you free.

My encouragement:

Remind yourself DAILY that you have been set free. Commit to your freedom. Make an effort to stay out of bondage. No matter what your emotions are telling you, declare freedom, independence, redemption over your life. You have been simply redeemed!

Happy Independence day!