Music Monday: On my radio (iPhone): It's Raining Men!

It has been a while since I have done a Music Monday post. That probably means I have been listening to the same music I was listening to since the last MM post. Whelp! Time for some new music. May not be new new, but it's new to me. This post is all about the fellas on my recently played list.

Let's Go!

First up is my good friend Aaron Abernathy, affectionately known as Ab. This is not a shameless plug or a bias post. My boy is DOPE! I have been captivated by his voice and musical ability since I met him in 2002 while on exchange at Howard University (the real HU).  I have an old soul and it's clear Ab does too. I can't really put Ab's music in one particular genre; it's too funky for that. Leading up to to the release of his new project The Prologue Vol 1 Ab has given the public a glimpse of what the project will be like with his cover of Total's 'Kissing You'. I absolutely love it! I am definitely anticipating the entire project, said to be released July 11th. Take a listen and get to know this guy!

So I might be on the late freight with Jason Joseph but lawdhamercy! This guy is pretty awesome. I got the chance to see/hear him live during Super Soul Monday at Hotel Cafe'.  I was so wow'ed. His tone is incredible and his band is SICK!!! I like him because he's different, he doesn't sing what everyone else sings and he sure doesn't sound like everyone else. If you have a chance to check him out live he's at the Hotel Cafe every Monday nigh. There is no cover! Go!!!!

I sure hope he doesn't kill me for this. My twin Tonee Sherrill finally let world into what those close to him have known already.  The songs on his project are definitely words from a pure and true worshiper of God, written straight from his heart. This guy composed all the vocal arrangements as well. I am so very proud of him. Visit Tonee's soundcloud  and leave a comment or two.

Last but definitely not least, Mike Morgan.  Mike is an awesome bass player who just happens to be a pretty dope producer as well. He's pretty much musically gifted, in my opinion. He can pick up just about any instrument and play it like he's been playing it all of his life. Mike has a great ear for what the people want to hear but he remains true to the things he likes and the music that moves and inspires him.  Wait, did I tell you he's a songwriter too? Check out Mike's latest creation and others on his soundcloud.

This has been brought to you from my ear to yours. Happy listening!

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