Enough is Enough!!

I have had it!
Absolutely done!

This Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Real Housewives madness has got to cease. No like, forreal.   Sure, some might say that these shows are mere entertainment but I think we have neglected to see what impact this crap has our society. What do these shows say about African American women? In the midst of trying to recover from the stereotypes society has placed on us, we yet participate in making more negative labels for ourselves.

photo.JPGYes, I watched the first episode of Love and Hip Hop, Atlanta.  I had to vomit afterwards.  It was absolutely disgusting. This can't be life I thought to myself. It just couldn't be.  I felt like I had wasted  an hour of my precious time and time is the one thing that you can give and can't get back.  Ugh!!

Last night I saw several pictures posted on FB and Instagram making fun of one of the characters, oops, cast members on this season of Love and Hip Hop. I chuckled but then something inside of me just felt remorse for everyone involved with these public displays of ratchet-ness.

Maybe everyone's sensitivity levels aren't has heightened as mine when it comes to madness like this on TV. But what does this really say about us as a people? This is what we choose to waste our lives with? Are we watching shows like this because we want an escape from our own lives?  Are we somehow fantasizing on the glitz and glam these shows portray?  Have you ever wonder why you, yes you, watch what you watch on TV?

A couple of months ago while at BTFL's house I decided to watch a little of some Real Housewives show.  I  hadn't seen any of the sort in a couple of years ( I don't have cable). As I watched I couldn't help but to shake my head but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I had to keep watching. There was so much name calling, fighting and bickering I  almost cried. Is this how they see me?  The episode concluded and I didn't think much of it.  Later that night, I woke up from a horrible dream.  It wasn't gory and no one died.  The dream was almost exactly what I watched in the episode of RHOA except it was my life.  There was tons of yelling, bickering, cheating, sex, lies and video tape. What??? TV can effect how I sleep? I would go so far to say that if my guard was down it would have impacted what I said the next day or my actions.

This mess has become embedded into our culture. We thrill after it. But this is not a good look.  It's bad enough the world around us prejudges from what they have heard. Now it's all over the place, not only do they hear about it, but they can turn to VH1 or Bravo on any given night and see it with their own eyes. And what are we doing about it? Absolutely nothing.

I am not saying sign petitions and start messing with folks' money. But why buy into what the producers of these shows are displaying? Do you think they would make these kinds of shows if no one watched them?  We have to start at home and supporting this nonsense is keeping us at the bottom of the pit. Will cancelling these shows make the prejudices and stereotypes disappear? No. Would it help? I think so.

What say you?

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