Dead or Alive: Nesha Patterson

"If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?" People often ask me this question and there are too many to name; from musicians, to politicians, to members of my family. I think the conversations with these people would be enlightening to say the least.  I have played most of them over and over in my head. What would I ask? Would I be nervous? I get goose bumps thinking of what I might have learned.

Dear Nesha,

Although I never knew you, I saw you.  I saw your smile, your sass, your love and your passion.  I saw how you touched the lives of those around you.

I remember the first time I saw you perform at 1st Friday. Before you sang you mentioned how you were not going to let your disease stop you from pursuing your goals and doing things you loved to do. That stuck with me.  I thought, "wow this girl is relentless". The first couple of times I visited TLR you were there. Watching you worship and rejoice in the presence of the Lord was touching. All you faced and you still had the unction and desire and the strength to give Him all of you. Remarkable!! After those nights I mad a note to myself, "I want to meet her"

I wanted to know where the heck did you get the strength to keep pushing. I wanted to ask you what did you do to see past your doubt. I wanted to know what allowed to smile in the midst of all the obstacles you faced.

Rather you know it or not, you have touched so many lives and hearts. Your life inspired so many people in so many different ways. Most you probably knew and then there are others like me who didn't need to know you personally to be positively impacted. Your drive, perseverance and endurance was admired by many.  Your life gave others hope and strength to conquer whatever they faced. You brought joy and  love to so many. 

What I am learning is that God allows paths to cross for specific reasons.  Those paths may not be as intricate as we desire and some paths may be too intricate for our liking. Nonetheless, they cross and there is purpose in that.  I believe that although our paths were not intricate, God allowed them to cross to show me what a true fighter is, what a relentless worshiper looked like and regardless of the mere circumstances how to press towards the mark.

 You are with the peacemaker now and my prayer is that those w
ho were close to you find a glimpse of the peace you are experiencing now.  Sleep Well doll.

Thanking God our paths crossed.

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