Obama Supports Gay Marriage: You mad?

I have decided to not care really one way or another what thoughts of me, you, the reader, comes up with after reading this. I have to say this and in efforts to do one of the things I absolutely hate (flood twitter time lines) I will take it to the blog.

In today's news our President is receiving flack on flack on flack because he now supports gay marriage.  So people are mad why? Some are upset because "supporting gay marriage is supporting a homosexual lifestyle". Others are saying that they are in fear of who is really in charge of our country. Regardless of what folks are saying I am still having a hard time understanding the gripe, flack, or real issue.

I'd like to address a few light bulbs and exclamation points that went off in my head:

  • No matter what the President decides, individuals will be individuals.  We choose our lifestyle because it's our choice. What we choose to  do is usually not predicated on what laws or bills are in place. Drug dealers will be drug dealers until they decide they are done with that lifestyle. Homosexuals will still be homosexuals regardless if President Obama is for or against gay marriage. 
  • Before we decide to "go bad" on Obama or anyone else who support gay marriage let us remember that they support "marriage" within a same sex couple. Obama did NOT say that he supports homosexuality. He said, if you are in a same sex relationship you should be able to get married. So let's stop putting words into his mouth.
  • Christians are upset why? I am not sure but to say that they don't think homosexuals should be married are in turn saying that same sex couples do not deserve to receive access to basic rights like hospital visits during illness, taxation and inheritance rights, access to family health coverage and protecting in the event of the relationship ending.  Where is the love in that? Aren't we all God's children? Homosexuals are humans ya know.
  • Homosexual marriages are NO threat to heterosexual family values. You teach your child what you want them to know. They will derive their own opinions and values as they grow and as their eyes are opened to new things. Regardless of what President allows are vetoes. 
  • As individuals, we are responsible for our morals and values. We all will have the date with God at the gate and we will not be able to blame President Obama for our life decisions. This is why I think things like  abortion, gay marriage, prostitution should be up to the individual, not the government. Those are life choices. The only reason why the government is involved is because of money. Hello!
  • If this measly issue determines your vote for Obama, woe to you! There are way more important issues on the table that will directly affect you. 
  • If you are grounded in your faith and belief in the Lord then you should also understand that at the end of it all people are going to do what they want regardless of your beliefs. 
  • Obama never said homosexuality is right or wrong. He is just standing for the rights of those who are different. I think he is saying that regardless of the lifestyle (sin) you live in you deserve the same rights as those that are sinning in other areas. What if you could not get equal rights because you lie or your fornicate? *crickets*
  • At any point this could be "us". We could be facing the same issues for being black, or women or even Christian. I bet you would fight for your equal rights then huh?
As you can probably tell now I am a bit worked up. But this kind of stuff gets me! Let me clear about where I stand, I could care less if same sex couples get married or not. Their marriage does not have anything to do with me at all. Will I continue to tell my redemption story? Yep!  Does that mean I am not standing on what I believe in, NO. I just think that the government should not have a say in the matter.

"Obama has once again affirmed that we are a country that stands for the basic values of equality and opportunity." _Gov. Patrick