Why Did Love Choose Me?

Everyone expects love to make sense... love don't ever make sense.
I've had my share of run ins with this so called love thing. I did some dumb things for the sake of love. I loved so hard at one point I couldn't even see that the love I thought I was getting in return was never even present. Whew I even changed my preference for love. When that was all said and done love was so non existent I had a hard time even loving myself. Now was any of that love?

Love had done me in so long that I had a hard time recognizing the real thing when it was standing there looking me straight in my eyeballs. He was a stranger of some sort. He looked different than all the other loves I had ever encountered. As I stood there gawking at this strange love, I studied him. I didn't know what to say or how to say it. But the look on his face said I didn't need to say anything. So I sat there thinking, what should I do with this love? My thoughts were interrupted by his gentle voice. He told me that through his love her will show me what real love is and supposed to be. He told me that he had to get rid of all the impostors so I could really distinguish between the real and the fake. He began to tell me that I wouldn't  have to change who I was for him but that I will want to change who I am out of the love I have gathered for him. All the sweet nothings that were ever whispered in my ear instantly became just that, nothing. What this love had to say meant everything. Before I encountered this love I was naked,but this love covered me. Told me he was all I ever wanted and all I ever will need.

Contrary to popular belief, love never gives up, he has never given up on me. It cares more for others than self, love took the cross just for me. It does not force itself on others, he was quite the gentleman. Love does not keep score because he would always win. It always looks for the best in others even when we are at our worst. Love never dies and his resurrection power proves that to be true.

Love is not a mystery,love does not hurt, love is not complicated. Love is a do, it's an action. It's not a feeling but it's a choice. And while love is proving itself to be true in all these things, there's just one thing that still doesn't make any sense ...