When you least expect them; Don't be surprised

I think I've learned my very first lesson of 29... already. This one is a hard one to learn and I have a feeling there's a part two to this lesson to come. Great! (sarcasm)

For years I've always wondered why it is so easy to be offended by the ones who are closest, yet if the offense comes from a stranger or someone who isn't remotely close, it's somehow quickly forgotten. Could it be that one could essentially care less if an offense came from a stranger because there is no expectation. Expectation ? Explain.

Well when parties become close I believe there is an underlying expectation that goes without mentioning. Each party is expected to never disappoint the other. They are expected to know the other well enough to know what bugs them, what ticks them off, what makes them happy and what offends them. So when it actually happens, the offense is a surprise. Misplaced expectation right? Not so much. I think it's ok to expect your loved ones to know you. Over time they should know you and desire to get to know you more.

What should also be expected is: 1. Expect your loved ones not to know everything about you and B. Expect to be offended. What do you mean expect to be offended? Yes! Expect to be offended. Everyone doesn't know everything nor everything about you. Not to mention, we are all human and make mistakes here and there, some more than others. So yes, offenses will come.

The first lesson I've learned from 29 is not to be surprised when the offense comes. At this very moment I find myself horribly offended by a "friend". Once it happened I was immediately shocked, appalled to say the least. A few days passed by and I asked myself, "why are you surprised?" No, I didn't think I could be hurt by this particular person anymore than I had been before. Did that make it impossible to be offended by them again ? Absolutely not. It's possible and they are capable. Everyone is capable to offend. Everyone.

Prepare yourself, offenses will come when you least expect them. Don't be surprised.

Part 2: "Regardless, love. Huh?"

Coming soon. Stay tuned.