Watch Your Mouth

The alarm went off and of course I pressed snooze, twice. It takes me a while to wake up and start my daily routine.  I laid in the bed thinking of what I should wear. Oh! That would be cute.  So I hopped out the bed looked at the clock and rushed, as usual. I know, I have to do better.   On the way out I took a final look in the mirror, cute!

My work day began and I went on with my normally scheduled program.  Meanwhile, a coworker approached me to give me a compliment. Oh my goodness, you look so cute today. I love your glasses. Before I could respond a different co-worker chimed in. She proceeded to size me up, three times and finally she looked at me and said, "ummm I don't like them". Who asked you? Now me being me I responded in some quirky way. Thinking, I am so glad I get dressed for me every day and no one else.

As the day progressed I thought, what if she spoke like that to someone who was insecure or with low self-esteem?

Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion at all times but does that mean we absolutely have to share it all the time? I don’t think so. “Death and Life are in the power of your tongue”. So that means we are either speaking death over a person or life right? The critical thing is we need to be aware that our words have power all the time. A simple expression of your own opinion and send someone over the ledge, literally. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words DO hurt.  In the same token our words can encourage others to do and be greater.

Short and simple: Watch your mouth!