Two Thousand and Twelve...

Two Thousand and Twelve...

Last year I challenged my friends to make a list of 10 things we wanted to learn in 2011 and 10 things we learned in 2010.  As I look back at my lists I think I did pretty good.

10 things I wanted to learn in 2011
1. discipline- yep!
2. to say no- yep!
3. to do more for myself-yep! I can do better here.
4. to use my voice more efficiently- oddly enough, when I set this goal I was referring to singing. This turned out to be more than just singing. I have learned to use my voice (what I have to say) to help educate, enrich and empower. yep!
5. to pay more attention to the peple who are actually in my life rather than those who choose not to be- yep!
6. how to cook more dishes-not so much... ooopps
7. to read music-FAIL!
8. to be content despite my circumstances-still learning
9. to be a better mentor- I think so. yep!
10. to express myself more- yep!

Here is my list for this year:
1. Set goals and strive to accomplish them
2. Love and Live in the moment
3. Listen more
4. Talk less, say more
5. Take one day at a time
6. Stay motivated
7. Write, Write, Write, Write
8. To rest
9. Stress less
10. Rely on God more

Let's see how I do this year.
Happy New Year!!!

P.S. It's not 2000 and 12 it's just 2012... say it right LOL