Regardless, love! Huh?

Love is one of those funny words. Everyone throws it around like it's just a crumbled up piece of paper being tossed into garbage can. Everyone uses it and I think it's safe to say that most folk who use it don't really mean it and/or don't know the meaning of the "L" word. "Hey girl, I love that dress". "Boy you know I love your mama". "I love you so much babe". Hmmmmm really?

The thing about love is that it's not really a feeling at all. Love isn't predicated on how we feel when we say it or what we feel that makes us say it. Far from a feeling, love is a choice. Aside from just a choice, love is the choice you make to love even when you don't feel like loving.

Love is real when the offense comes and you decide to push the offense to the side and love regardless. Huh??? How can you do that?

Think about it like this...
Every time we upset out parents, disobeyed them, offended them on some sort of way, they were faced with a choice; to love regardless or to remain offended and operate in that offense. Although they are parents they were not obligated by much to love; it's a choice. They may not have felt like feeding, dressing, providing, but they loved regardless.

How many times have we offended Jesus? Doesn't he still love? Whew... He sees the depths of our hearts and he loves us the same.

I know we are not Jesus but our goal should be that we imitate him as much as we can, as often as we can. So it's time we learn to love regardless.

It may be natural to choose to be offended and remain that way, but how easier would it be to love regardless? I'm not saying forget how you feel, mull over the offense, never discuss it and just love.

What am I saying?
If we all got hung up on each and every offense we'd be the most angry, bitter, no one wants to ever be around type of people. And some of us are that way. What fun is that?

What I've learned is that carrying offense doesn't feel good and it doesn't look good either. Yes? it hurts but our emotions are supposed to serve us not control us. The hurt should not control us. It hurts, regardless, love!