Previous Cats

"They say you can't turn a bad girl good...But once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever"

True? Ever possible to bounce back?

Moment of truth...
It's hard not to compare your current situation  with your old. You are supposed to learn from your precious relationships right? Leave the baggage and the hurt but take the lessons with you. How can you take one without the other?

One would offer the advice, "heal". Is healing that easy? I'm not sure.  So after you have taken time to heal and process the lessons you've learned in the previous relationship and you PRAY about entering another, how can you assure yourself and your partner they won't be blamed for the pain that was caused by previous cats?

Certain situations arise that appear extremely familiar of the last. Almost like déjà vu. But just because it feels familiar does NOT mean it's the same situation that happened in your past. Welp, it cannot be the exact same situation because the person is different.

It behooves us to treat a new relationship like it's new. They are NOT all the same and each situation or disagreement is not going to end or play out how it did with your ex. Your partner suffers from your prejudice when you treat it all the same. Just maybe the same situation has come up to test you to see if you've learned the lesson.

We owe it to our new partner (and ourselves) not to take out every infraction on them because of what someone else has done to you in the past.  It's essential that we approach new relationships with open minds and hearts; no longer dwelling on the previous relationship. Does this mean ignore lessons you've learned that will help? Absolutely not. But don't get so caught up in the " my ex did the same thing"...

When you start something new let it be just that... New!