Pick Up The Phone!

One month, 4 weeks, 31 days, 44,640 minutes without twiddling your thumbs to tweet, without posting a status, without checking up on your favorite blog... could you do it? 7 days in and I am not sure if I can do it. Do I need to do it? Most certainly.

These days most of our generation can't make it 3 minutes without checking the latest trending topic, commenting on the funny pic or even indulging in a little hashtag fun. Social networking has taken over the our worlds completely.  Although it's fun and sometimes an easier way to keep up with long lost friends and far away family members, it has also been the cause of death of real camaraderie.

We can no longer talk to each other face to face.  I mean, what is left after you have shared so much of your life on the world wide web via twitter or Facebook or Instagram?  I can recall a hanging out with a friend of mine once. It was so quiet. We had nothing to talk about.  I would say something to strike up a convo and her response was always, "Oh yeah I saw that on FB" or "yeah I saw your tweet about that".  It was the same exact way while she spoke. I went home that night and I thought to myself, "what was the point of even meeting up?". Isn't that sad?  So what do I need to do to change this?  I thought.  Pick up the phone!

It is so much easier for us to rely on words from our finger tips to communicate how we feel. Are we afraid to say half the stuff we say on the web out loud, to someone's face?

The truth is Twitter allows folks to hide behind passive aggressive, subliminal JUNK in 140 characters or less. Facebook allows folks to be completely nosy with no genuine concern and even gives people the balls to argue back and forth and slander their peers without even mentioning a name. It's disgusting.

At times text messages aren't nothing more than text that carries mess. Text isn't the way to resolve a disagreement with ANYONE. It shouldn't be the way we communicate  our deepest most personal thoughts and feelings. It shouldn't be something we use to determine the tone and demeanor of those we are receiving texts from. Does anyone have a face to face conversation anymore.

Pick up the phone!

Is social networking making us less social?

Let's discuss.