Today my niece graduated from kindergarten.  For some reason I was super weepy about missing it.  That little girl brings me so much joy. As Mom continued to send photos from the graduation via text, I held my tears in, but wondered why was I the least bit emotional.

The one hour drive from my family to my place of residence doesn’t seem so far until I miss out on a family event. Gas is too high, I am very busy and most times I am just too tired to haul down the hill. Regretfully, I miss out on some important things. Birthdays, Graduations and just plain ‘ol quality time with the fam.
It seems like the older I get the closer I want to be with my family. Growing up, I anticipated high school graduation, anxiously waiting for move in day at the University. Now, I am lamenting when I can not make it to cousin’s house for Sunday dinner. Is this was being a grown up is all about? Will my adult life continue to distance me from the family?

I know several of my associates can go weeks and even months without speaking to their family, yet alone visit them. Not me. No dysfunction can keep me away from my family.  Although I write a different street as my address, home is where they are. My heart. At what point do I make the decision to move closer to family? Or just go with the flow and chalk it as this is just what growing up is about?

Good thing is, as I continue to grow, new members have been added to my family.  I have added brothers, sisters and distant cousins. And I love when we get together. The laughter we share makes me feel right at home. What can I say? I am definitely an Ohana girl.

Ohana means family