Music Monday: On My Radio (iPhone)

I am in LOVE with music! It's like my best friend! No, really! I get excited about new music and even more excited about old music.

This is what's on my radio (via my iPhone):

Radio Music Society
Esperanza Spalding
This woman is just DOPE! What makes her stupidly dope is SHE PLAYS BASS (my favorite instrument EVER)! This album is like Frosted Flakes.... Grrrreeeeaaaatttt!

BJ the Chicago Kid
Love, Love, Love this album! He is definitely from the Chi. It shows in the music. Get it on iTunes NOW.

Alex Isley
This woman... leaves me speechless. Check her out on soundcloud here.

They are BACK! This album is superb! I love it. It brings me right back to the 90's. Go get it on iTunes. 

Last but definitely not least T- Gooch. This chic right here has KNOCKERS on her mix tape. Get it at

Happy Listening!!!!