It's Just Not The Same

I can remember going to sleep early in anticipation of what was to come when we woke up at 5am. I would hop the bunk bed and scurry to mom's room to wake her. "Go back to bed," she would plead. An hour later I would send one of my younger brothers and mom would demand, "Don’t come back til after 7". There we would lay antsy as all get out. Wondering, with sweaty palms what we would unwrap.

Christmas was my favorite holiday. Not because of the gifts but it was one day I knew for sure my family (immediate and extended) would gather for the time of our lives. Once we could finally enter the loving room where the tree and gifts were, there was one thing we had to do as a family before we wildly ripped wrapping paper off our new gifts. Pray. God-dad would lead us in prayer as we recognized the true reason for the season. We gave thanks and honor and the elders made sure we acknowledged the birth of Jesus Christ.

We would demolish every box or bag with our names on it in excitement from ear to ear. There were plenty of ooohhhhs and awwws as we revealed what mommy, god mommy and god daddy had gotten us. There were bikes, scooters, micro minis, dolls, easy baked ovens and game boys. Just thinking about it makes me want play Tetris.

At 29, things just aren't the same anymore. Everyone is segregated, with their own lives. God-parents are 1,800 miles away.  Extended family members have passed away. The anticipation has dissipated.  The gifts are few and nothing too exciting, unless it's cash. One thing remains the same, prayer. ..the recognition of the true meaning of Christmas.

With Christmas just 5 days away, I've yet to get into the holiday spirit. There's isn't the slightest bit of Christmas in my apartment. No tree, no garland, not even a wreath. I've done any shopping and I dare not make a Christmas list. This year I more than likely will not be able to spend the night at my parent’s house Christmas Eve. I'm not sure which family members I will see this year. But one thing remains; I WILL acknowledge the true reason for the season. I will recognize that even though things aren't the same there's one thing that will always remain the same, the birth of Jesus. And that's really all that matters. Right?