Is It My Hair?

Wednesdays the farmers market is here. There aren't many of "us" that I have seen in the past couple of months I have been attending. The ones there usually are occupied by some "exotic" looking Latina, Asian or any other non black woman. Tall. Skinny. Long hair (natural or purchased).

Last Wednesday a couple of my girls and I met at the farmers market with no intentions  but to buy fruit and have an early dinner before bible study. As we perused the aisles of cheap food and dust collector vendors in 100 degree heat, we kept our eyes open for cuties. One. He was the third wheel. He didn't look interested in any of us. Dah well.

Cherries, strawberries, and 2 $1.00 tacos later we were ready to scat. As we walked to our designated  parking stalls I noticed a guy gawking my girl down. He appeared to be my kind of tall,dark and handsome. His attention on the one of us with hair down her back. So as I walked to the car I thought "is it my hair"?

"why aren't guys approaching me?" has been the topic of discussion as of late amongst my girl circle. We've gone through the "maybe I don't smile enough" or the "am I approachable?" and even "maybe it's the way I dress".  Our post farmers market question was "is it my hair?".

I have noticed that most LA dudes have that "long hair don't care" mentality when it comes to their women. They don't care if it's theirs or if they rockin' a $500 Malaysian hair do. If it's long... They like it. Short hair, loccs, two strand twist and natural hair gets no love in LA.  Very different from places like the DMV. There is more of equal opportunity for hair there.

So what's up with y'all in LA? What wrong with a down to earth girl , with cute style and a short bob? How come all the video vixen look-a-likes get all the play?

Is it my hair?