Hold Your Head Up Girl

Usually I take a walk around campus at some point of the day everyday. Being the observant (not nosey, because there is a difference) person that I am, I notice tons of different things. For the past few weeks I've noticed most females that are perusing the campus walk with their head downs. What's up with that?? Is it a confidence thing? The lack thereof? Is it a cultural thing? 
After giving it a few looks, thoughts and asking a few young women, I gathered the "head hang low" is a result of a few things: 1. Lack of confidence/self esteem 2.  Unaware of posture 3. Their culture or 4. sadness.
Ok so let me get the culture thing out the way now. I am sure where and why they teach women to be so submissive but there's no way I want to be so submissive I can't look people in the eyes when they talk. I couldn't imagine walking around with my head hanging low for the sake of tradition or submission. 
Now... I really want to tackle the head hang low due to low self esteem or the lack of confidence. **clears throat** Hold your head up girl!!! We as women not only have to come off like we have confidence but we actually should have it. Where does confidence come from? From what others think about us? From the affirmation of others? Heck no!!
Confidence comes from loving yourself, knowing who you are and being sure of yourself. Recognize who you are and who God has made you to be; fearfully and wonderfully made. Accept yourself for who you are; crooked teeth, short hair, not so slender bodies and all. 
Hold your head up girl. Face the day. Embrace what each day has for you, good and bad. You'll be better for it