Hello 29!-Lesson #1

Oh 28! I am so glad to see you go. However there are plenty of things I will take away with me.

I have learned its ok to be alone. It does not constitute loneliness. In that time alone I have learned so much about me, discovered some new things and I have gotten rid of some things that had to go.

I have learned to speak out when I am hurting, even when I think no one is listening, God Is.  My breakthrough is in my mouth and every time I allow the enemy or my own thoughts shut me up I am trapped. There is freedom in my mouth!

I have learned that while experiencing life my mind must be focused on what is true, noble, pure and lovely. To advance my mind must be set and my feet must be set too.

I have learned that now is not the time to procrastinate. I have thinks to do! If I do not do it, it won’t get done.

I have learned that while I think no one is watching me, there are tons of people who are not only watching but they are waiting on me to birth what’s inside of me. Someone’s freedom is dependent on mine. WOW!

I am learning to say no and to mean it.

I am learning to take out time for me.

The biggest lesson learned ….

I’ve heard it, read it and even repeated it to probably hundreds of people… “All things are working together for you good”. Yep! All things.

In the midst of complaining about my life, the “whys”, “why nots” and the “how comes, I could not quite figure out how all this was for my good. Late 28, everything started to make sense. Each heartache, let down, grieving moment and disappointment worked together to make me who I have become; whom I was molded to be. The refiner’s fire is and will always be hot but had I escaped it I would not be as finished (for this time) as I am. All things, Minah, all things. That word “all” by itself means so much. That means not just the good stuff but the not so good stuff too.

It was hard to remember this while in the fire but I now that I am out (for now) I am grateful that I can realize how each journey I took is working for my benefit.

28 I bid you good day but I will forever be appreciative for all of the lessons you taught me. It’s been good!

Hello 29!