FEATURE: Distant Lovers

Today in “The King’s Court” we will discuss “Distant Lovers”.

With today’s social media climate, it’s becoming more and more common for relationships in different cities and even states to develop. Facebook, Twitter and Skype make us seem a lot closer than what we really are. We can even talk face to face through Tango and Quik with our smart phone abilities. My question is this: Are long, or short for that matter, distance relationships better than those that share the same locality?

I’ve been in both. This is what I do know; dating in the same vicinity requires more attention. Most times routines eventually form in your relationship. You begin to see way too much of each other. Because you’re so near the spats become more frequent. This means both parties are required to put more effort into conflict resolution and even forgiveness, should they choose to remain in the relationship; balance and consistency.  Let’s not mention work and social lives that have to be worked around. This is just the basic of relationships. Right?  This is not even cohabitation and/or marriage.

Then, there are “Distant Lovers”. I actually believe starting out in these types of relationships can make your relationship stronger. True, you are then forced to rely on a lot of the social media avenues listed above to communicate. Couples who love over miles don’t really have the luxury of being able to observe body language and mood swings to gauge nonverbal communication. They are not frequently in close proximity of their partner, which means if they want the other to know what they are feeling they have to talk. Oh! Conversation. Very seldom is time on the phone spent breathing until someone falls asleep or texting meaningless messages. Each conversation is taken seriously so that when they are finally in each other’s space, time together is not taken for granted. It may be true what they say; “absence (distance) makes the heart grow fonder”. What it doesn’t speak to is the strength it provides those couple to one day go the distance.

Dumisani H. Solwazi
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Nu Sigma Sigma Chapter
Twitter Handle: @BlackKing03