A Dream Deferred?

dream - a. a strongly desired goal or purpose b. something that fully satisfies a wish
defer - to put off, delay

I dream and most times I dream big.  I think of so much and much of it may seem impossible to those who do not dare to dream.  Sometimes when I dream I doubt.  But who doesn’t? There are so many factors that can play into a dream not coming true. Let’s see… There is that whole money thing, we don’t’ have faith in God, others have said no and/or you don’t think you are capable to see the dream carried out. Shall I go on?  Could it be that we play the largest role in deferring our own dreams? I think so.

I asked once “What is your biggest obstacle?” My response, doubt.  Doubt is a difficult thing to deal with, but once it’s conquered one can soar.  It is our choice to defer our dreams because of fear and doubt.  We choose whether we are going to allow doubt to consume us so much that we just give up or keep it pushing.

Folks are always asking “what would you do if money was no object?” Whelp, I’ve asked myself, “What would you pursue if you had no doubt?” A lot!  I’d conquer the world. I’d change so much for the better. Or at least try.

While planning the simplyME! Campaign I kept asking “What if it doesn’t happen? What if it doesn’t work? What if people do not come?” My sissy would always respond, “What if it DOES happen?  What it DOES work?  What if people DO come?

What I’ve come to realize is, I was the only thing deferring my dreams. I allowed doubt to consume my every thought regarding my dreams, which spread into to all the other areas of my life.  The ironic this is once I finally put away my doubt and strapped on my courage there was an instant pep in my step. It feels great! Did all the doubt go away? Absolutely not! It is still there. I just choose not to let it stop me from pursuing my dreams.

Our parents have been (or should have been) reminding us we can do anything we put our minds to since we were born. It’s true! It wasn’t something they just said to get you to do your homework. It’s for real.

Tuck your doubt away! Pick up your courage, your guts, your perseverance and your strength. Stop deferring your dreams!

Stop deferring your dreams!


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