Does my Sassiness Upset You? Happy Birthday!

What a Gem???

Years ago during my undergraduate study at CSUN, there wasn't much hype about those who came to visit our campus.  That all changed once word got out Maya Angelou would be visiting. I didn't care what class I would miss nor did I care which of my "friends" if any would sit with me. All I knew was I was going to see to Maya Angelou; THE Dr. Maya Angelou.

Even as a young girl she intrigued me.  I remember seeing her on Sesame Street. Of cause I tuned in extra hard because she was singing about the letter "M".

I remember watching her as she spoke at Bill Clinton's Inauguration and saying , "I wanna do that".

As I a teenager my mom bought me books by her and I remember being so inspired. One of my reasons for wanting to excel at writing is to be like her. She's GREAT!
Not only is Dr. Maya Angelou a great writer, I looked up to her because she worked hard to change the way the world saw [Black] women.

On her 84th Birthday I would like to celebrate Dr. Maya Angelou, not only for her literary works and for her fight towards the civil rights but for teaching me to rise as a phenomenal woman, phenomenally!
Happy Birthday Maya Angelou! Happy Birthday!!!