Do You Walk With a Limp

Last week I walked out of my office and BAM! There was a fine, young tenderoni right outside my door.  I waited a few seconds before I went on my walk, took some time to check him out.  He was all put together BUT he had one thing that was questionable. He walked with a serious limp.  Keep in mind that I had no intentions on approaching this young tender' (LOL) but seeing him got me to thinking.  "Hmmmm, could I date someone with a limp? Could I actually fall in love with someone with a limp?   Would I allow myself to fall in love with a dude with a limp?"

I am sure you have thought about it a time or two;wondering rather you would give someone with a disability the time of day.  Have you ever thought about how many, warm kindhearted, ambitious, loving individuals you've actually passed up because they didnt' walk like how we wanted them to walk, dress how we didn't want them to dress, or talk how we wanted them talk?

We completely disqualify people who could potentially be the ones who change our lives platonically and/or intimately.  (I am guilty and that's WHACC)

The TRUTH is we ALL have a "limp" of some sort.  We may have a physical limp, a uncurable cough or a crooked tooth or two.  We may not have the most up to date fashions or speak with the most articulation.  There is SOMETHING about us too that would disqualify us or take us out the running.  Welp, folks there is someone who has actually qualified us. His name is Jesus.  While others are too busy and even too shallow to look beyond our "limps", Jesus, the risen Savior searched much deeper than within,through the way things appear and saw us for who HE has called us to be.

We were not and have not been denied access to the kingdom of God simply due to our imperfections (you should *SHOUT* here).  In the midst of us being so "fine" on the outside but "limping" on the inside God saw fit to elevate us and call us heirs and heiresses to His throne. (SHOUT AGAIN)

So the moral of the story is...

Be careful who you disqualify... what if God disqualified you?

I'm just sayin'...