Dead or Alive: Robin Roberts

"If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?" People often ask me this question and there are too many to name; from musicians, to politicians, to members of my family. I think the conversations with these people would be enlightening to say the least.  I have played most of them over and over in my head. What would I ask? Would I be nervous? I get goose bumps thinking of what I might have learned.

Instead of just playing these moments over in my head, I've decided to dedicate my Fridays to describe these moments I have dreamt about for years now. 

Dead or Alive : Robin Roberts
Every weekday morning wake up, stretch, get out the bed and head to turn on the TV. I  have to watch the news every morning. I absolutely have to. i have been this way for quite some time. i like to stay informed and abreast on world, national and local news. Channel 7 is my news channel of choice. The other thing I absolutely have to do is tune in to Good morning America everyday, yes everyday. Well, last week I turned on  GMA and what do you know, my favorite person, Robin Roberts was not there.  Um?? Excuse me, where is my girl at? Spring Break? Get her back on here ASAP.  I love her! LOVE HER!
I have so many levels of admiration for Robin Roberts. I admire her journalism. She approaches her job with integrity and dignity. Thank you! I love that right after hurricane Katrina she right back to her home town, not only to report but to offer her help. This woman faced breast cancer in the face and didn't back down. I applaud, you Robin Roberts! You inspire me!
Given the chance to meet her i wouldn't know where to begin. Of course i would want to know all about working at  GMA, but I would want to know how did she begin her journalism journey. Did she always want to be a broadcaster? Did she ever envision herself on the best morning news show ever? I would ask loads of questions about her bout with breast cancer. What motivated her to fight and not give up? Was she ever in any doubt?
I admire the relationship Robin Robert's has with her mother. I would want to know, what has kept them so close all these years? I would ask so many questions about her dad who was a Tuskegee airman. How was it growing up with someone who had accomplished so much and made history? Did she ever feel pressured to be great?
Robin Roberts is literally living one of my dreams, of course I would want to meet her. I think it would just be great to look her in the eyes and see her smile. The smile that says, yep, I'm bad, I know it. I am a conqueror and I know that too. 

Dead or Alive, I want to meet you Robin Roberts.