Dead or Alive: Luther Vandross (How Apprope!)

My mom had two singing "boyfriends", he was one of them. I can remember cleaning the house on Saturday mornings blasting the music of Mr. Luther Vandross. We would all bop around the house with brooms and hair brushes in our hands singing at the top of our lungs. 

I never got so caught up in the gossip about him. I reverenced this man. His vocals were astounding. No one, I mean NO ONE could do what Luther, big or small, could do. I loved his tone and his music is timeless.

Who wouldn't want to meet Luther? I can not even begin to think of what words i would utter being in his presence. this man was the ultimate crooner in my book. I wonder who were his inspirations were. What was it about is dad that he loved so much? If he one of the dopest male vocalist in the world, who would he have been? Did he always want to sing?  Growing up, what was his biggest challenge? Why those shiny jackets?

There is so much i would ask him but I would LOVE to hear him sing to me live, in person, in serenade. Why not? 

Happy Birthday Mr. Vandross, dead or alive.