I got a confession... 

I quit. Yep! I gave up! It got too hard. I got lazy and "this" was no longer a priority.  I mean who reads these things anyway?  Who wants to hear what I have to say?  There are thousands of people doing the same thing I am trying to do and they are way more successful than I am. So what am I doing? 

So I am done now. I no longer quit. But I did though. I am back now.  Finally, I can be honest with myself and say that I was just over "it".  When the tough got going I got going and I left. 

Truth is... "this" thing is hard.  It's not just about blogging  or being a public figure.  There is so much more to it than that, well for me it is.  I realize that there is a heavy calling on my life.  No I am not called to be a pastor, a preacher or even a first lady (that I know of).  But I have been called to reach out, to touch and to impact lives. I have been called to be an example, a leader.  Everyone wants to lead but no one wants to put forth the work it takes to be an effective leader, which is much different than just someone people follow.

So yeah, it gets challenging.  And when life stands in the way of you and your dreams and visions it's even more rough.  But that is when you make the decision to keep going or to quit.  I know, I know, I know. For a while I was making the wrong decision. I... quit. I admit it.  But I am, back on track now and that's all that matters.

This Sunday my Pastor spoke about time and God's timing.  How appropriate? She (yes, she) challenged us to ask ourselves one question several times a day, " What is the wisest/best use of my time right now?"  Was she insinuating we don't make the best use of our time? Absolutely. Was she right? Absolutely.  Time measures life. What we do today will essentially depict what goes on tomorrow. So why waste your time, which is essentially wasting life?

During my "I quit" season, I wasted my time doing 2 things; 1. absolutely nothing and 2. believing I was defeated. What a waste? Truth is, nobody is gonna do "this" like me. They can't. Cocky? Not at all. I just know what God has given me specifically for this time in my life. I know that it is uniquely for me and those He's calling me to reach. 

The time has come. No more wasting time. No more quitting. No more being lazy. 

I got work to do. So do you!