#6- People are waiting on YOU!

26, 27, and 28 have all reminded me that this life I have been living is not just for me. What do you mean? It’s my life and I am the one going through the things I am going through. How is it not just for me?

As the months of 28 passed by I became more and more visible on a few different platforms.  Oh lawd! What have I gotten myself into?  I thought to myself plenty of times.  Mentoring young women, speaking at young women’s conference and even leading praise and worship has taught me that there are people watching more than ever right now.  What are they looking for? Authenticity, someone they can relate and some just a big sister to annoy.  Why me? Why not me?

As I am now becoming more available to other people, mainly, young women, a lot of my experiences are resurfacing. I leave conversations like "WHAT?"  I went through that when I was your age. Astounded by the similarities, I am overjoyed that those experiences were not for naught. Well Amen. But then I think, Wait! I went through that for you?

The light bulb went off, again. There are people waiting on me! Yikes!!!! I am reminded of a dream I had once. It was beyond vivid. I was in the hospital about to give birth. I was not married, nor in a relationship (no sex either). Sweat, of course, was dripping down my forehead. I was exhausted but there was a huge smile on my face. For some reason I didn't mind working, pushing and pressing through to complete the birthing process.  By my side were a few of my coaches (close friends and family) whom had been urging me to push through the entire time.  There was a bright white curtain in the room and as I pushed I would glanced over to see if I could tell what was behind it but I couldn’t. Finally, after pushing for hours whatever I was giving birth to was out! Immediately the curtain was pulled back and there was a theater full of people... waiting. Not your typical birth right?

When my mind got passed the nasty thoughts of everyone being there in “my business” giving birth, I got what the lesson was in that. Keep pressing, keep pushing! There is something on the inside of you that needs to be birthed and there are so many people waiting for you to push it out. There is no time for a miscarriage or an abortion. It is time to push, push, push. There are people waiting on you!