#5,#4 and #3

28 has been the pinnacle of a new life for me thus far. I became busy and very active. I have always been involved in things but it just seemed like I was being pulled in thousands of different ways.  I was on the verge of a burnout. I wanted to quit everything. I mean everything. There were a few lessons I had to learn quickly; lessons I probably should have learned during 27 or even 26.

#5- No, Say it! Mean it!

Throughout the early part of 28 I said yes to everything. Yes, I will pick you up. Yes, I will sing there. Yes, I will help you pay for this. Yes, I will help you with this project. I just got tired! If another person asked me to do or be one more time I would’ve cracked and flipped out.  A friend told me “you need to start saying no”.  NO! What? I don’t know how to do that. I would feel so bad saying no. But I felt worse saying yes. So I positioned my lips and out came “No”. It was weird at first but it felt great! No is a good feeling and it feels best when you say it and mean it.  29, there will be more no’s.

#4- It is ok to be selfish sometimes

It’s been said that people are inherently selfish. What I have gathered is that some people are selfless. They will give and give. And when they can’t give they will find ways to give anyway. I think it’s safe to say that I am this way.  For no reason in particular that’s what I have become. I am happy about it. I learned that sometimes I have to look out for me.  It’s ok to do what’s best for you Minah.  In the times I thought about everyone else I rarely thought about myself.  28, is still teaching me to be just a little selfish sometimes. More learning to do while 29.

#3- Take advantage of “me” time

It was not until this past weekend I learned this lesson.  Every day of 28 I felt like there was always something to do; things I wanted to do and others I just didn’t say no too. Finally this weekend was about me. What I wanted to do, personally. No projects, no meetings, no nothing just me and fun! How important is it to take “me” time? Very! Without it you become extremely mundane. You are tired of seeing the same people over and over. You become bored and then no one wants to be around you.  “Me” time is essential.

Tough, but necessary lessons.