No Words

I've tried to come up with them. I fail each time. To be honest, I'm still trying to fathom how 50 people can be shot and killed while simply having a good time together. That amount of hate to me is beyond disgusting. The nerve of some folks, to say that those people deserve to die because of their lifestyle. Excuse me? And you deserve to live because? 

As a mother I can't even imagine receiving a text message from me child saying they were trapped in a bathroom. My heart is with each mother that had to wait hours to ultimately discovers their child had been caught in the line of fire. On the inside I weep with you. 

What's even more disgusting is that folks have turned this whole thing into something else to debate over. Can we mourn the dead first? May we fully digest what had happened here before you blame this on Obama? I mean, really. 

I am deeply saddened. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around it. I know I am supposed to be on this 30 in 30. Yes I skipped 2 days. I'm devastated. First, an innocent singer with so much talent. Then 50 club goers. I'm at an absolute lost for words.