I Want You to Know Something...

I want you to know something....

I want to know that you are beautiful. Yes, you! I want to know that you are you for a reason. Your characteristics, your physical features, those you like and don't like, we're given to you intentionally. You were fashioned in and by great. Don't you ever forget that!

I want you to know that those hopes, desires, dreams and wishes are in your heart for a purpose. Some may seem unreachable and not everyone around you will understand them, but know that they are in your heart with distinct purpose.

I want you to know that you can do anything you set your mind to. There is no goal too high for you to reach. Although our minds tend to take us to some very low and dark places at times, do not stay there. You can do anything you set your mind to. So set your mind on positive things. Think of creative things, the true things, the trustworthy things.

I want to know that pain does not last always. Life brings bleak moments but they will not Always be that way. In the meantime in door. Every day will not go how you want it to go, but if you attack each day with endurance, you will shine.

I want to know that just because you feel like no one cares, does not make it true. Our feelings have a funny way of taking over sometimes (if we allow them to). There are people who love you, care about you and care for you. They may not be the individuals you envisioned them to be but except their love anyway. They are the ones that are there.

I want you to know there is always room for growth. We never reach our highest potential. Use each moment as an opportunity for growth. Remain teachable so that one day you can teach those same lessons to someone else.

I want you to know that there is much more to life than fame and accolades. People are not waiting on you to become famous, rich or well-known. They are waiting on you to bring about change. There is change on the inside of you. When the time comes, that change will do much more than fame and wealth can ever do. Keep your eye open for change. It's in you.

I want you to You to know that whatever you're looking for is already there. Love, happiness, peace, wealth, joy. You already have it. When you can't find it,dig deeper.

The greatness on the inside of you is unheard of. The choice to tap into that greatness is solely up to you. Each day you're given a choice; greatness or mediocrity. Choose greatness every day. Mediocrity only feels good because it is familiar. Familiarity it's not always good, it breeds content. Do not become familiar with being mediocre. You will only do yourself a disservice.

I want you to know that you are you, specifically you, because the world needs you. More than you need you to be you, the world needs you to be you. There are things only you can do. No one can do and be you like you can. I want to know that it is imperative to find and be youat all times. Do not conform to what the world says you should be. Be you,Simply you!